Coupons are generally configured to target users based on certain usage patterns or events. The challenge surfaces when specific users need to be handed over a coupon, specifically meant for them only.

How does one offer coupons to individuals such that it can be used by them and them alone?

The usual way to do this would be to create a coupon and associate a fairly obscure redemption code with the coupon, and then share the coupon with the intended user(s). However, the drawback to this approach is that there would be no way to ensure that the coupon's usage doesn't get exploited. If any of the individuals with whom the coupon has been shared, decides to share it with their friends, the situation can get out of hand pretty soon.

Restricting usage based on phone numbers

Going forward, you can configure coupons on the UrbanPiper platform whereby the coupon's usage can be restricted to specific phone numbers. 

To do so, once you've created a coupon, go to the "Edit Rules" section:

Restrict coupon by phone number rule

Amongst the rule types, you'll now find a "Phone numbers to check" rule. Select that, and then enter the phone numbers in the text field that shows up:

Bear in mind the following:

  • Multiple phone numbers should be separated by a "," (comma).
  • Every phone number should start with the ISD (country code) for the biz.

Once the rule has been created, along with a list of numbers, any user attempting to use this coupon will need to place an order from an account whose phone number is included in the list.