The referral loop is sometimes not completed by the customers, and as a result, the system is unable to process the referral cashback.

Closing the loop of referral is predicated on the following thing:

  1. Customer A refers B with a link. 
  2. Customer B clicks on the link on an Android or iOS device. The Google Play Store or App Store comes up with the app listing. 
  3. B completes the installation of the app and registers. No manual entry of code or anything required.
  4. B places first order, which gets completed, and referral bonus is awarded.

In this simple 4-step process, the issue occurs around step # 2 and # 4.

For Step #2, customers often click on the shared link on their desktop/laptop, and are taken to the Chai Point website. They sign up there and place an order. Since the website doesn't have support for referral, the loop gets broken.

Another thing customers do is, they click on the link on their Android/iOS device, go to the app store, but do not complete the installation at that time. Instead, they search up the app later and download/install it. This too breaks the loop.

Hope this helps.